ANTIFA seems like a mostly white org. like, when i think about ANTIFA, my first thought is, “white thugs.” because that’s what pops into my head. because you show up to the party with weapons. i know that anyone can join ANTIFA, but it’s obviously mostly white people. like, i’m from North Judson, Indiana, 1,800 people, mint and corn farmers, migrant workers, we had a Harley Davidson dealership. i understand you. because i know that there are many white people in this country that are not racist, because some of you, we went to school together when i was a little tiny baby. so, you’re still the motorcycle gang brigade. that’s all you are. what the fuck are you doing bringing weapons. anywhere.

look around you. does it look like this world needs to see more white people wielding weapons out there willy nilly? does it? no. it does not look like that out there or in here, yo.

first of all, it’s affecting my fashion. urban outfitters currently is selling a camouflage short-sleeve canvas jumpsuit, and i could never wear that. because of Nazi’s and greenness, i know. but also because of you.

so, i’m going to talk to you like you’re white people. like i know the fuck out of you. because i am you, and then i’m embarrassed. and this next little bit is not ANTIFA, but we’re all white people and if you’re ANTIFA, of course you know white privilege exists. so, last week, a youngish white lady was flashing a large-size confederate flag wallet in my Krogers on E. Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti, Michigan. now, i do not want you to send your thugs after me. your brothers, cousins, boyfriends, uncles, fathers, whatever, after me. i don’t like that. so i don’t challenge you to your face. but i do talk shit about you while you’re leaving and still in earshot. but more importantly the other people around me, it’s a majority Black Kroger, can hear. i let the universe know “how embarrassing” and a few other non-swear words. although i did say “what the hell?” out loud. she was really flashing it. i was not feeling interested in that behavior. like, a lot of people don’t like that behavior, sweetie pie, and you should have some more shame in your life.

so what i’m saying is, white people made white supremacy, using weapons. maybe you’re not bringin guns to the protest. but maybe you are, ANTIFA. because you’re bringin bats. bats are for playing sports! white people colonized the world in a terrifying way because those Europeans then went ahead and built the global education system that today continues to insist that English is the most important language. please. and then, so, today, it’s white men who handle the business side of things which requires human trafficking to still exist, and white women who handle the education side of things. a lot of white women are teaching bigotry and i’m not the first person to say it. again, how embarrassing.

one effect of that massive, awful, terrorist system is that sometimes, often, it seems like, people of color are actually still looking to white people as if we know what to do because so far, we keep insisting that we do; what with our control of most of the money systems. despicable. that’s white supremacy. so let’s just do different stuff from before. anybody like to lead by example? it’s actually fulfilling. when people seem to adjust a little bit just cause you’re doin somethin? it’s nice. no hierarchy. because why do we need the police? i truly wish to live in this lifetime in a society, a global community, if you will, where we do not need the cops. like the global agreed upon message could be, “i just want to survive. so i’m not gonna be hurting you, because i don’t want to get hurt.” the golden rule, some people call it the golden rule. some people call it karma. some people call it that. so, we know this idea. let’s just get better at living this idea better. that looks like survival to me.

you know what does not look like survival? pounding out bible ideas of breeding to the point that we cannot support our human population on this earth. that’s craziness. so, it’s okay if a lot of people don’t want to breed. it’s fine. that’s fine. birth something else. or just live. whatever. just, let’s calm down. with the breeding. i think we’re good for a minute.

so ANTIFA shows up to the protest with weapons when whitey should be showin up with musical instruments, flowers, peace signs, coffee and tea, iced tea, soda, ice cream, energy snacks, bottles of water, like reusable metal water bottles by the thousands, with cold water in em. this is what our white privilege should be bringing us to. cause we can. so we will. and the only way a cop could participate in any of our refreshments would be to turn in your gun and your badge immediately and renounce prison culture 4EVER. so. yeah. do it. change. Barak Obama said change. and he got elected twice. so change. let’s go. don’t be afraid of change.

and womyn, direct message here to you, if you go out in the world acting in such a way where you think you’ve got some man in the background ready to do your dirty work for you, you are part of the problem. that is an example of you using myn. because i have three boys, and what? don’t let anyone do that to you. my god. disgusting. you’re capitalizing on patriarchy, which, everyone knows, is the same thing as white supremacy. nastiness.

Of Course Freedom is Free

Of Course Freedom is Free