physics is like pretty much everything

physics is like pretty much everything

i drew this spider. i kind of like it, but i'm going to keep working on my spider drawings. spiders are amazing. i can't climb walls and walk upside down. and my legs do not go as fast as some spider's legs can go. plus, they have eight. i only have two. it's hard for me to live outdoors, etc. anyway, spiders and physics seem to make sense together, like waves and shit. 

i want to understand everything as physics. vibrational frequencies. or just frequencies. i read this book promo article about time hoping that i would understand something better. here's what they say it's about:

"Time feels real to people. But it doesn’t even exist, according to quantum physics. 'There is no time variable in the fundamental equations that describe the world,' theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli tells Quartz.

If you met him socially, Rovelli wouldn’t assault you with abstractions and math to prove this point. He’d 'rather not ruin a party with physics,' he says. We don’t have to understand the mechanics of the universe to go about our daily lives. But it’s good to take a step back every once in a while." From "This physicist's ideas of time will blow your mind."

first, non-physicists enjoy learning about life and shit. words are important. assault?

"there is no time variable in the fundamental equations that describe the world." 

dude, that's the best way you could figure out how to say that? i'm an ethnomusicologist. i understand code switching between different audiences and readers. lots of people understand code switching in lots of different contexts. as a reader, that's condescending, you're clearly talking down to your readers and we know it. that's the opposite of teaching. 

"he'd rather not ruin a party with physics."

oh really, billy, who's ruining the party with physics? i expect my parties to be brimming with physics. get out of town. 

it's condescending. 

you wouldn't want to hear about my measly brilliant knowledge and genius information at this party, no, let's get drunk and be boring. 

"we don't have to understand the mechanics of the universe to go about our daily lives."

well, maybe if you explained things better, your words and ideas would reach more people, and we could understand the world better instead of being locked out of ivory towers/information hoarding facilities. 

"Time, Rovelli contends, is merely a perspective, rather than a universal truth. It’s a point of view that humans share as a result of our biology and evolution, our place on Earth, and the planet’s place in the universe. At the quantum level, however, durations are so short that they can’t be divided and there is no such thing as time.

In fact, Rovelli explains, there are actually no things at all. Instead, the universe is made up of countless events. Even what might seem like a thing—a stone, say—is really an event taking place at a rate we can’t register. The stone is in a continual state of transformation, and on a long enough timeline, even it is fleeting, destined to take on some other form."

okay, so far, that's cool. i feel like i've read ideas like this before. there are ways in which time is meaningless. that's cool about the events thing. but you're using the word "timeline" to explain how time only exists as a mental construct. go on.

the middle part of the article is basically a new explanation as to how time is relative. but albert einstein already told us that. so i won't spend time on it here. ha. time. 

next thing in the chronology of this article:

“'Time is the form in which we beings whose brains are made up essentially of memory and foresight interact with our world: it is the source of our identity,' [Rovelli] writes."

please. how convoluted can he write? and how general can he be about our brains in an off-putting way? i didn't have to read that sentence multiple times because it's so smart.

"Basically, he believes, time is a story we’re always telling ourselves in the present tense, individually and together. It’s a collective act of introspection and narrative, record-keeping and expectation, that’s based on our relationship to prior events and the sense that happenings are impending. It is this tale that gives us our sense of self as well, a feeling that many neuroscientists, mystics, and the physicist argue is a mass delusion."

so time does not exist, and you're going to tell us that it doesn't exist while using the metaphor of time to do it? why are there prior events? that doesn't make sense with the rest of the premise of the book. if time is a story, and i can see how it is, then how can there be prior events in the explanation showing how time doesn't exist? why is time being used to explain how time doesn't exist? time still exists in your explanation, in your story. 

i feel frustrated.

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