detroit can suck it

detroit can suck it

[TRIGGER WARNING ABOUT THE DETROIT MOVIE: The DETROIT movie is mostly a depiction of police brutality]


i wish for a global sized megaphone that would only potentially hurt white peoples’ ears so that all of us who already know could tell all the people of color who might want to see this movie, that it’s another white supremacist story of history that, if white people got the fuck out of the way, would actually maybe be good, definitely more useful. 

(also, here’s examples of #whitefacepalm, it's everywhere; just like #whitesupremacy, everywhere)

somebody was gonna make a movie about detroit's race rebellion; so of course they hired a white person to be the director because why not, why wouldn't a white woman be the best choice to tell the stories of the workings and revolutionary activity of an 80%+ Black city; obviously a white woman should do it; 

so there’s no Black women characters in the film.
somebody gave these assholes money, and they did this.
it’s not a eighty per cent Black man city.
whitepeople, come the fuck on.
this is enraging activity
but it’s also facepalm activity because how dumb is whitey? real question.
no it’s not
we know how dumb

and then, and then,

i hear it's triggering as fuck for African American women and men to watch because of police brutality. in addition to trying to erase Black women, they’re showing you how they’ve tried to erase Black men. the root and very smart brothas were the first places i read these sentiments. it's more police brutality. it's just a long drawn out visual depiction of white supremacy and killer cops;

what in the fuck is wrong with whitepeople?
what a dumb question to ask?
whitepeople created white supremacy and then whitepeople made sure that all the world grows up with white supremacy and then whitepeople are like, what?

this movie sounds like another trap

it could have been a world consciousness changing film about the revolutionary and rebellious workings of the Black city of Detroit; 

whitepeople are not going to allow that shit

maybe they secretly made it for white audiences; we sit through and face and watch with manic discomfort and dread what we have done to people of color for generations; maybe it's really just an educational project for whitey

well, they still won't get my dollar. 
is it gonna be on the netflix?no? 
oh, okay, well, we can bootleg 

here's a better telling of the story by moodymann, listen while ya read

and dan fuckin gilbert, that white boy with all the money in detroit, dan fuckin gilbert is pricing most of detroit’s Black residents out of the center of the city even more, dan fuckin gilbert who, as it turns out, controls downtown detroit real estate, he’s like playin monopoly and shit

well wait a minute
i want all the green ones,
i like gettin all the green properties
in the monopoly,
i wish for money along with that global megaphone, so that i could tell dan gilbert that i was comin for ya, and i actually would arrive to stomp his ass

Detroit’s 1967 race rebellion involved humans like you, touch yr arm er some shit, you’ll understand, a regular ass person like you, who gave their lives to end genocide. and the story told in this film erases Black women, and brutalizes and murders Black men. 

this rebellion could be an inspiring history. but this story fails. 

the great city of detroit?
the shitty movie of detroit.

techno and house is Black music

techno and house is Black music

whitesupremacy and white women at npr

whitesupremacy and white women at npr