Blanche is a real bitch.

Blanche is a real bitch.

mistaking friendliness, or even basic ass politeness, for motherfucking flirting

has got to fucking go

how many men and women do this shit

i can't fucking do my basic ass service job without motherfuckers getting confused

do i have to be so much a bitch to avoid this shit?

i'm not going to fucking do that. so basic bitches, men and women, have got to get themselves up to speed. i have had people make this mistake, and then i encounter them a second time, and basic bitches actually act pissed off, AT ME, because they made a dumb as fuck mistake regarding my behavior. now, if something happens to you repeatedly, you gotta investigate that shit from the inside out. i've examined my behavior to make sure i'm not fucking accidentally flirting. and i have done that before. been flirtatious habitually without thinking about it. that's some nasty shit. but i haven't engaged that behavior for long enough that now i know other motherfuckers are wrong, at this point. it makes me tired.

some little man came into the coffee shop where i work last night and again this morning, and acted butthurt this morning. bitch, please. get the fuck out. move along little tiny baby boy. nobody needs your pouty sad boy shit. 

a plumber did it to me once. bitch actually slammed my front door when he realized that the pants i was wearing were just the fucking pants that i was wearing and i didn't dress up for his silly ass. motherfucker slammed my front door. MY front door. you must be fucking joking. and very confused about who you are.

i don't even remember the number of times this shit has happened.

i'm a 39 year old woman. i'm not a fucking baby wallflower. i know how to flirt. i know how to let a man know i'm into him. i know how to ask a man out on a date. that doesn't mean it's easy. that just means i know how to do that and if i really want to, i'll do that. so many men with wedding rings come into the coffee shop where i work and flirt, with many of us ladies. it's disgusting to me, not surprising, just stupid and wrong. i hate you for doing this. you sit there sipping your cow milk filled syrupy bullshit, and i judge you the whole time. laugh at you on the inside. and you keep telling yourselves stories. oh yeah, she's into me. then you fuckers walk out saying goodbye with your little bitch ass flirtatious married man smile. it makes you feel better, like maybe you could get with a woman like me. 

fuck no forever.

fuck off forever.

women do it, too. i see it. they try it with me. they try it with men. 

i gotta walk around with a fucking eye roll up every sleeve. 

some a you will say, what's the problem. flirting is fun. it makes you feel good. but to me, it feels like people are taking from me, and i don't like that feeling anymore. to me, it feels disrespectful. i don't like to be disrespected. 

if i like you and you like me, then god damn, lucky fucking us. but otherwise, fuck the fuck off. 



I will document basic sexism and racism when I see it from now on.

I will document basic sexism and racism when I see it from now on.

shit i'm grateful for

shit i'm grateful for