goddess durga is the mother of the universe

goddess durga is the mother of the universe

sometimes people dream of traveling to a certain place
sometimes people dream of learning about a certain place
sometimes people want to learn other languages

i want to go to india
i want to travel around india
i want to learn to speak hindi
and telugu, tamil, bengali
i want to learn arabic and japanese
new alphabets

i practice yoga
big girl knows about the yoga
big girl knows about chakras, too
there's more than seven, there's even more than nine
big girl's practiced yoga long enough, with enough teachers, in enough places
that now my practice is best done solo
a 39 year old body is different from any other body i've had
american yoga promotes teachers to make money
not because they're yogis
so big girl does the yoga at home

if i had a dating profile on a dating website
my favorite food would be indian
indian eating haz regional differences
i've tasted lots and i love it all
and i've learned thru lyfe that loads of butter
separates restaurant indian food from home indian food
so if i visit your country and eat in your home
i won't be confused
and i'm me, so i won't be rude, either

we have indian grocers here
so i've shopped in your stores
cause they're not white owned shops
and they're not designed for honkeys
i like it that way

and i love your dance
i studied bharatanatyam when i was 19 in nyc
for a year
i'm a novice at a lot of things

but i studied bharatanatyam
and my teacher was skilled
i practiced capoeira and taekwondo, too
and if i had 25 hours in my day and 8 days in my week
and more dollerz in my wallet
i'd have studied kung fu, too
i went to one class and i can still see myself in that kung fu room
admiring those kung fu artists

i tell you this to remind you that dancers are athletes
that means i'm strong
that means i'm on to you
that means i know your country is not safe for women
the child bearers
your country is not safe to the child bearers

are you fucking kidding me you fucking bitches? fuck you

i'm physically stronger than most women that you and i know
and i'm mentally stronger than most men that you and i know


you are a constant threat to women
women can't even travel alone in your damn country
air india gives women traveling solo special seats at the front
because your men have no respect
can't control themselves?
fuck you dumb azzes

we got that shit over here, too
some dudes try to call blue balls
but they never did with me
because if they did, i'd laugh and say
"i'll give you blue balls, you fucking baby" while i wind up my heavy booted foot
to kick em
in the ballz

raping women and throwing acid in their faces
is a thing in india
and that shit's common enough
that they write gorgeous graphic novels about it
it's called Priya's Shakti

and you got a hugging guru?
i laugh at tchou

so i'm coming into your country
and i'm judging you
because even your pop culture shows
on the netfilx
are filled with hatred and violence toward women
i wanted to watch that show to learn more
about tchou
but fuck that shit all day long
cauz you still love your caste systems, too

i'm an ethnographer
i'm an ethical bitch
don't want to judge other cultures
from my white western eyes
but fuck your woman hating society
every damn day

although Sita Sings The Blues
was pretty enlightening
so i know you got funny people
and i know you got beautiful, powerful goddesses

i'm coming to you india
and you better make damn sure
that you're nice to me
especially when i laugh at your men
because when men underestimate
the pretty little sexy women
you die a thousand deaths
and then you remain in our karmic service




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