reporting ...


white women think havin two ex chromosomes gets you on the team

that's how they think feminism works

sounds pretty weak

and maybe other women think this, too, but white women think that all they have to do is be born a certain way, and they're cool


fighting other people's battles will get you caught up in the wrong shit

Black Lives Matter, Feminism, NoDAPL, any fight for the protection of Brown people, queer people, refugees, any fight

is not another person's battle
this is what makes it baseline
this is why there's no other work to be done
this is it
this is the work


detachment is something i read about when i first read about buddhism and thought, cool, but i don't get it. but i think i'm getting it now. i think i understand how detachment feels in real life. i don't know how often i'm good at it, prolly not much often, but i can do it when surrounded by shit that should disturb me, shit that should stress me out, maybe even make me feel bad.

should disturb me? scratch that. used to disturb me. is expected to disturb me.

detachment is attainable
and i know a lot of people already know this
but i didn't really know it
so detachment is attainable
for a basic as fuck scared little grrl


Let's chat about white women here, cause I am one. We think that all we have to do is look pretty to get through our world. Above all else, if we just look pretty then they'll think we are on the inside. And if we talk real pretty, then that's good, too. We can be shitty moms, shitty wives, shitty partners, shitty girlfriends, and we can be the shittiest friends. The absolute worst.

i'm workin on figuring out more specific ways white womyn are different from Black and Brown Womyn. Black and Brown Women are different from white women for the most obvious reason, racism. culture can divide in healthy, safe ways, too. i want to display white people's fucked up shit with my words, like a list, so that renegades of color can take it and run with it.

I know you know people. I know you know white people. But I might know white people different than you know whitey because I'm white. And I was blessed enough to have a Brown girl as a best friend during my formational years starting at age 5 thru high school. Straight off the boat from canada, and she was like, hey, you're a girl who lives on my street. Cool!

so whitey already shown me the finest racisms that they let you show other white people.


know how i know men are rude?

hey man, you want to look at me real hard like you're in the business of makin women uncomfortable?

you wanna look at my ass
you wanna look at my face
you wanna look at my hair

keep looking, you'll also see what's inside
i'm a bitch
look hard at my bitch ass face

you wanna look that hard? 
get ready for all of me
cauz what's on the inside might not look as good to you, and that's comforting to me


it's cool to have a field of study like detroit house, booty, and techno, so that when i type the world minimal referring to regular shit, i also get to parallel in my brain Minimal Nation.

Floating Hearts Four Evar


yep, the white people, women and men, who hang in detroit are way stupid. didn't even have to wait and see. no idea about personal space and boundaries. same old. cauz they're tryin to make white spaces in a Black city. they're tryin to force businesses to be white spaces that are only welcoming to middle to upper class white people. they just take over. they're tryin to force their white, and outsider in the imperialist way, art ideas onto this city, tryin to fill this city with their white money and then thinkin they can tell the people of this city what to do how to be. the detroiters who carried this city who stayed here when you wouldn't dare who stayed here and kept makin the best music the best art the best writing because detroit has jessica care moore

white spaces don't have to stay white. i'm doing my best to make it different cauz everyday they remind me that i'm different as fuck. but i'm still white. my skinz still white. i can't family guy that shit.

and god damn the espresso at astro is top of the fucking line


if you cannot wrap your head and soul around absolute Black and Brown supremacy, then you're of no use.

this means you accept and embrace and try to push us toward a peaceful world, free of honkeys.

detroit's got stories, and those stories gave me this a long time ago.

if you cannot promote ultimate Brown and Black supremacy, then you ain't shit

don't mistake this for sayin Black and Brown people are better at whatever because positive misjudgement can be racism, too.

i'm sayin, imagine a world where we don't exist. white skin doesn't do a great job protecting you from the sun and the earth's aura is doing the opposite of what it was born to do and it's not like the sun is spendin too much time thinkin about white people

structures and systems and institutions are not moving fast enough cauz they're not moving at all. thoughts become things. choose the right ones. be diligent. create the world you want. this is not woo bullshit. we can all prove this to be true just by paying attention.

revolution starts in your mind and Steve Biko knew it.


Why would you want to look like me?
I'm an asshole.
I'm white.

Why would you want to be like me?
I'm an asshole.
I'm white.

Why do you want your hair like mine? 
Your's is better and white people make the shittiest, dumbest, ugliest lookin versions of the ways your hair sometimes locks up.
Is that how it's supposed to be? shitty, dumb, and ugly? 
Pretty sure not.

Your shit's fuckin better and white people want it so bad. Hell, I tried to get a phd in your shit and call it ethnomusicology.

We fucked you up from the beginning.
I'm an asshole.
I'm white.

But you're not fucked up.
I'm an asshole.
I'm white.
I think I run shit.
You're not fucked up. You just have fucked up onion layers that you can peel back.
I don't know what they are or how to peal them back because healing is individual and collective in all the ways.

I'm an asshole
I'm white.
I THOUGHT I run shit.

So then you thought i run shit.
but i'm just a scared little girl
we're just scared little white boys and girls

We Don't Run Shit
We just run


This is what they'll write when I die:

Denise Dalphond. Provin mutherfuckers wrong since 1977.


so what i want is,

i want to get paid
to be a domestic goddess
who is also a great mom

so that i can spend the rest of my dayz
being a top of the line anti-racist white lady social activist
who obliterates racism and sexism
at the same fuckin time
on the same fuckin day

so that i can spend the rest of my dayz
bein a renegade
feelin like a million buks

i meditate on cash
droppin in my lap
so that when the war comes
i'll have had the time to get my mind ready
and my body rite

to fight




My Mind Is As Big As The Universe Because The Universe Is As Big As My Mind

My Mind Is As Big As The Universe Because The Universe Is As Big As My Mind