Look At Time Differently

Look At Time Differently

i lower case nearly everything i write lately. my intention is to de-prioritize the things that we automatically privilege. i am not more important than you. countries are just names and false boundaries.

i apply this idea to time. the earth existed before humans started counting and naming days. 

sunday is special to people. december 25 is special to people. because somebody wrote a story that was based on hatred of witches, hatred of women and men who were connected to the earth in ways the haters couldn’t understand. wouldn’t understand. shouldn’t understand. somebody wrote a story, and then somebody told that anti-earth religion story. again and again and again. and then somebody changed the story here and somebody changed the story there.

and now december 25 is the glorious celebration that involves cutting down millions of evergreen trees. 34 and half million trees are harvested and sold every year in this patch of land that some people still call america and some smarter people call amerikkka. i looked that statistic up on the internet. 

i am a straight up tree hugger. 

tree hugger

tree hugger

i'm a straight up tree hugger

and i worship the earth cause it's the muther fucking


and because i got regular obligations in life, i celebrate with you, i celebrate with you the cutting down of alive things that i love

oh yeah, also, those alive giant sticks with the green things sticking out, those things, clean yr air so you can breathe, yeah those fuckin things

yeah, fuckin cut em down, that makes sense, cut em down and take em in yr house cause a long time ago a witch said it was a good idea 


to bring a branch of evergreen into your home to remind you that even though it's cold and bleak and dark and you might feel sad and tired, remind you that yr part of the earth is just resting, some things stay green in all seasons, and moar green is just around the corner in spring

some smart as fuck witch said do this shit to keep yrslf with a healthy perspective so you can keep yr home healthy and you can keep yr family healthy.

just bring in a branch

and the anti-earth religion assholes said, oh yeah? we're bringin in the whole fuckin tree, bitches, and you know what that means, that means we're killin it first. we're gonna keep killin you by burnin and drownin you. we're gonna kill the earth by cuttin it down. and when we start travelin some moar, we're gonna steal from, enslave, rape, murder, usurp, mutilate, and harm in every possible way anyone who has skin darker than ours.

detroit techno is the best shit god damnit

and music is healing

which is why i listen to it ad naseum

My Mind Is As Big As The Universe Because The Universe Is As Big As My Mind

My Mind Is As Big As The Universe Because The Universe Is As Big As My Mind